Get ready for your visit

We ask that you fill in the intake form prior to your first visit.  You can download it or come to the office early and complete it. 

Your first visit will usually last 60 minutes.  You discuss your concerns with the doctor, review pertinent medical history and physical assessment.  A live blood analysis is usually conducted during this appointment to help guide questioning and analyze the body’s general terrain.  Further testing will be discussed if it is deemed helpful.  A treatment plan will be prepared during this appointment and modified if more information is received later.  Treatment may incorporate different techniques. Please see our list of services.

The frequency of follow-ups will be discussed at your first appointment.  Typically, they are conducted a few months after the first appointment to monitor the efficacy of the treatment.  

Together we will establish treatment goals and expectations.  Frequently, once we have corrected any major concerns, patients will opt to have follow-up visits to assist with health maintenance and optimization.